Hi! I'm Jonni. I love the art of compositing and making beautiful images. I relish solving complicated puzzles and making tough shots work. Having worked at many companies over the last decade, I've gathered a broad range of experience across film, commercials and TV. Recent career highlights include contracting at ILM SF from 2018-2020, most recently working on a large sequence for The Mandalorian 2. Another highlight was having the privilege to lead a large comp team on Stranger Things 2 for Atomic Fiction (back in 2017). Energetic, friendly and enthusiastic, I like getting stuck in and finding solutions to any problem. As an artist, lead, or supervisor, the most fulfilling part is collaborating with colleagues to enable us all to do our best work. Mostly, I really love making pretty pictures – and having fun doing it.

I'm a lifelong rugby player and still play when my body allows. I recently returned to my hometown of London. I called the SF Bay Area for 7 years after marrying my wonderful husband Tim in 2013. I'm an uncle to two tiny amazing nephews. Briefly an underwater camera-operator in Malaysian Borneo, I'm also a qualified SCUBA Dive Master. I try not to take anything too seriously (except Harry Potter and His Dark Materials – I'm a die-hard fan). Comedy nerd, baritone chorus singer, podcast junkie, snowboarder, motorcycle rider, ardent traveler, I generally enjoy life as much as I can. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my reel.